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This website has been in production in various guises for about 3 years. Most of my work comes from word of mouth, mine generally, I rarely shut up. As a result of that however, I neglected to actually lay down any information that potential customers could access without my having to bore them senseless in person. Although I can do that with some style, I assure you.

So here it is, stuff I do. It’s vague, but then content can be. Most people generally don’t know what they want until we talk. (See, you don’t get away from that face to face thing after all). So if you need words, for whatever reason, get in touch and I can sort some out for you. Written down ones. Ones that can tell your story. The story of you, your business, your services, whatever.

Words are important for those times when you can’t tell customers, visitors or guests to their face. Sometimes they just run too fast and get away. (Rude). Words can help them figure out what you do without you following them around, chasing them and if absolutely necessary, tying them up. It’s all bit more pleasant and less illegal my way. They just need to be the right words.

In the immortal words of the brothers Gibb, ‘words are all I have’ (I know it was subsequently murdered by Boyzone, but we shan’t dwell), luckily for you, I’m happy to share.

Website copywriting, ad design and copy, blogs, social media content. All the words.

Published by Sarah Rankin

Marketing professional with a passion for small business.

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