Turning Japanese

So excited to be doing my first voice over in ages today. My colleague is an Interpretation specialist and works with attractions to create clear and concise written information for visitors.

She’s working with a stunning attraction near Dollar, The Cowden Japanese Garden and has asked me to provide some of the voiceovers for the audio tour.

My last audio job was a voiceover for a the helpdesk for a very specialist telecoms app. Lots to learn. Making mobile phone tariffs and inclusions exciting and engaging was tricky! This job though, promises to be quite different. The Japanese Garden is a stunning site with a fascinating history. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the process of trying to bring those stories to life so that visitors to the garden can come to understand why it was created, how it fell into disrepair, and the reasons for it’s rebirth.

It is a tranquil and peaceful place under the wide skies of Clackmannanshire, ‘The Wee County’. A testament to vision as well as history as it was brought back from vandalism and disrepair to its current glory.

Visit if you can. Listen to the audio tour too…

Published by Sarah Rankin

Marketing professional with a passion for small business.

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