Three Small Things

These are mad times. Frightening for all of us and even more frightening if you and your family rely on the income generated by a small business.

However, where there is threat, there is also opportunity.

Here are three small things every small business owner should be doing right now to ensure that their business continues to prosper.

use this time effectively

You have time – like it or not, covid has given us that. Now is the perfect opportunity to revisit your marketing strategy and realign your goals for the current climate. Check that the sales and marketing channels you have in place are fit for a covid world. If you spent a lot of time at trade shows or networking events in the past, make sure you’re still engaging with those contacts remotely. Update your website. Check out what your competitors are doing. If your business relies on customers visiting a physical place, make sure your safety procedures and mitigation are on point so they still feel comfortable coming to you.

go to where the punters are

We know where they are; online – all the time. Searching news reports, checking on stats or shopping for the things they don’t want to make unnecessary trips for. Get in front of them. Audit your social media platforms and ensure they feature lots of fresh, new, useful information. Make it easy for them to find you, your products and services and engage with them when they do. Keeping them informed is vital. Let them know what you’re doing and how you’re changing to ensure that they and your staff aren’t impacted negatively. We all want to believe that everyone is doing the right thing. Make sure they are reassured you’re doing exactly that.

plan for the worst. hope for the best

There is one certain in this very uncertain world, things will change. Whether they change in a way that will be positive for your business or not, is less certain. Being agile and having a plan will help to mitigate the potential damage caused by any future changes to guidance. Look at all your procedures and figure out how you could alter them fast to minimise the impact on your business. You need a plan to be able to deliver them safely in the event of changes, even if you don’t need to implement that plan straightaway. Can you offer product delivery? Could you provide your face to face service online? Can you find new customers through social media or online networking rather than by making sales calls?

Three little things. No silver bullets. But real, tangible, achievable things you can do to give your business the best chance of weathering this storm.

Turning Japanese

So excited to be doing my first voice over in ages today. My colleague is an Interpretation specialist and works with attractions to create clear and concise written information for visitors.

She’s working with a stunning attraction near Dollar, The Cowden Japanese Garden and has asked me to provide some of the voiceovers for the audio tour.

My last audio job was a voiceover for a the helpdesk for a very specialist telecoms app. Lots to learn. Making mobile phone tariffs and inclusions exciting and engaging was tricky! This job though, promises to be quite different. The Japanese Garden is a stunning site with a fascinating history. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the process of trying to bring those stories to life so that visitors to the garden can come to understand why it was created, how it fell into disrepair, and the reasons for it’s rebirth.

It is a tranquil and peaceful place under the wide skies of Clackmannanshire, ‘The Wee County’. A testament to vision as well as history as it was brought back from vandalism and disrepair to its current glory.

Visit if you can. Listen to the audio tour too…

well hello there

This website has been in production in various guises for about 3 years. Most of my work comes from word of mouth, mine generally, I rarely shut up. As a result of that however, I neglected to actually lay down any information that potential customers could access without my having to bore them senseless in person. Although I can do that with some style, I assure you.

So here it is, stuff I do. It’s vague, but then content can be. Most people generally don’t know what they want until we talk. (See, you don’t get away from that face to face thing after all). So if you need words, for whatever reason, get in touch and I can sort some out for you. Written down ones. Ones that can tell your story. The story of you, your business, your services, whatever.

Words are important for those times when you can’t tell customers, visitors or guests to their face. Sometimes they just run too fast and get away. (Rude). Words can help them figure out what you do without you following them around, chasing them and if absolutely necessary, tying them up. It’s all bit more pleasant and less illegal my way. They just need to be the right words.

In the immortal words of the brothers Gibb, ‘words are all I have’ (I know it was subsequently murdered by Boyzone, but we shan’t dwell), luckily for you, I’m happy to share.

Website copywriting, ad design and copy, blogs, social media content. All the words.