Three Small Things

These are mad times. Frightening for all of us and even more frightening if you and your family rely on the income generated by a small business. However, where there is threat, there is also opportunity. Here are three small things every small business owner should be doing right now to ensure that their businessContinue reading “Three Small Things”

Turning Japanese

So excited to be doing my first voice over in ages today. My colleague is an Interpretation specialist and works with attractions to create clear and concise written information for visitors. She’s working with a stunning attraction near Dollar, The Cowden Japanese Garden and has asked me to provide some of the voiceovers for theContinue reading “Turning Japanese”

well hello there

This website has been in production in various guises for about 3 years. Most of my work comes from word of mouth, mine generally, I rarely shut up. As a result of that however, I neglected to actually lay down any information that potential customers could access without my having to bore them senseless inContinue reading “well hello there”